Frequently Asked Questions about living at Nature’s Edge


What are the homes made of?

The homes have traditional concrete foundations and slabs. The frames are metal and the roof is colourbond steel. The external cladding is rendered Hebel that provides superior acoustic and thermal qualities.

What sort of termite treatments have been used?

The slab is treated and the steel frames have a 50 year Blue Scope warranty.

Can I alter my home?

You can make alterations internally.  For external alterations you need to get permission from the Community Manager.

Can I sell my home?

Yes, you can sell your home yourself or you can go through an agent or we can act as an agent for you. Standard REIQ charges apply.

Are there any Exit fees when I sell my home?

No, there are no exit fees. All the capital gain is retained by the homeowner.

Can I include my home in my Will?

Yes, it forms part of your estate. If the beneficiaries are over 50 they can move in or alternatively they can sell it and receive all the capital gain.

What is a Site Agreement?

A site agreement is your security of tenure for the use of the land. It gives you the right to site your home on that site in perpetuity.

What do the site fees cover?

Site fees cover the rates, water, mowing of your lawn, as well as the use and maintenance of all the facilities. It also covers the secure gated entry and has CCTVs, intercom and community manager.

Are there any other fees and charges?

Just normal household expenses, telephone, electricity and excess water charges, house insurance.

Am I entitled to government rent assistance?

If you receive a pension from the State Government or benefits from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs you may be entitled to Rent Assistance.

Can I rent my home out?

No. All homes are owner occupied by residents over 50 years of age.

Can I have pets?

Pets may be permitted subject to management approval.

Who is the contracted builder?

Propcorp (QLD) Pty Ltd is the contracted builder for the Nature’s Edge project.

The Director of Propcorp (QLD) Pty Ltd has had vast experience in the design and management of Over 50’s villages, having built over 500 residential homes in S.E. Qld, most of which were constructed in Over 50’s villages.

The development is owned by a Brisbane based company Altusvista Pty Ltd.

In 1996 in partnership he developed his first village called Bribie Pines Island Village.  In 2006 he developed in partnership a boutique village called Island Breeze Resort, again at Bribie.  He sold out his interest in both of these villages in 2008 to purchase the current Nature’s Edge site.  The developer has other interests in Tourism, Residential and Commercial property in Queensland.

The Nature’s Edge brand is expanding and will incorporate another Over 50’s village on land recently purchased.

Nature's Edge Buderim - Over 50's Lifestyle Community
Nature's Edge Buderim - Over 50's Lifestyle Community
Nature's Edge Buderim - Over 50's Lifestyle Community