Natures Edge Buderim


Natures Edge Buderim is unique in many ways, and nothing sets this over 50’s lifestyle community apart more than the hectares of lush natural rainforest surrounding the ‘village’.

When you back onto hectares of natural pristine rainforest you are bound to attract some very rare and unique flora and fauna including some exquisite birdlife. Natures Edge Buderim has also become a favourite location for wildlife lovers and we have had a local expert provide us with a list of some of the more stunning birds he has seen within our community.

These include:Natures Edge Buderim

  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Eastern Whipbird
  • Spotted Turtle-Dove
  • Pale Headed Rosella
  • Lewin’s Honeyeater
  • Grey Butcherbird


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