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Over 50? Here’s how to afford a lifestyle upgrade.

We all enter the retirement conversation with our own perception of the living options on offer.

Right now, there are plenty of people who would say the traditional retirement village model is going through an image crisis.

Complicated contracts and expensive exit fees are amongst the issues being raised in the media.

Here’s a secret: there is another way to get a fantastic lifestyle once you’re over 50 and NOT pay through the nose for the privilege.

Hint: it doesn’t involve the word retirement.

The secret is an over 50’s lifestyle community.

These are communities created for people who want to:

  • Have the lifestyle benefits of a vibrant community.
  • Avoid paying expensive exit fees
  • Keep the capital gain on their home when the sell.

Natures Edge Buderim

 A better model

According to Phil Gabel, creator of Nature’s Edge Buderim, an over 50’s lifestyle community is designed around an entirely different model to a retirement village.

“For a start, residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim buy and own their freestanding home,” says Phil.

“Our homes prices are less than the Buderim area median. When you consider Buderim’s median house price is $610,000 and our homes start at $459,000, selling the family home is quite an attractive option.

“Our residents end up with cash in their pocket and a beautiful new home.

“Residents can sell whenever they like, pay nothing in exit fees and keep all the capital gain.

“The homes are architect-designed, master-built and 8-star energy rated.

“And, the new $3.5 million leisure centre is nearly finished and is a 5-start affair in anyone’s books!”

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