Are you a baby boomer?

Google the question and you’ll find some fun content like this quiz…


Watergate is:
(a) a large dam
(b) the scandal that led to Nixon’s resignation.


Paris Hilton is:
(a) a highly publicized heiress, socialite, model, and media personality,
(b) a posh hotel in France named after the nation’s capital.


Of course, if you’re a boomer, you know the answers are always (b).


Talking ‘bout my generation!

So, what is it about baby boomers? What the key characteristics that makes this generation so interesting?


Boomer stereotypes are rife, so the next time some young hipster says, ‘you boomers ruined the environment and housing affordability’, why not shoot these stats at their bearded faces!


Myths go BOOM!


  • Stuck in their ways? Hardly!
    One of the most adaptable of all age groups, boomers embrace new technology, spending average 21 hours a week online.
  • Financial? Yes!
    Boomers hold the lion’s share of Australia’s wealth and more than half own their home outright.

Healthy, wealthy and wise!

The Australia Institute says retired baby boomers will be wealthier, healthier and longer-lived than any previous generation.


According to online sources, boomers are shying away from staid, traditional retirement villages and opting for stand-alone, low-maintenance single-storey homes surrounded by sporting and recreational facilities.


The good news for baby boomers is housing options are increasingly attractive, especially at lifestyle communities like Nature’s Edge Buderim.


At Nature’s Edge Buderim, over 50’s can buy a spacious architecturally-designed home within a gated community in the Buderim foothills. A multi-million-dollar leisure centre is nearing completion, exclusively for resident use.


Most importantly, there are no exit fees and every home owner keeps all the capital gain when they decide to sell and leave.


Head where the wise boomers are going! Contact one of the Nature’s Edge Buderim’s lifestyle consultants on 1800 218 898 and ask for a personalised tour.

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