Craft maker : Sandra Wood

What began as a hobby for rock and roll dancer Sandra Wood has evolved into a successful online business, delivering beautiful floral headpieces to customers worldwide!


“My partner and I started rock and roll dance lessons when we first got together and with that comes the fashion, the dresses, the fluffy petticoats and accessories,” says Sandra.


“I like craft work and making floral headpieces was something I started doing for myself, then I gave a few away as gifts and then people started ordering them.”


Known for her signature, rockabilly-style and always with a flower in her hair, Sandra says she doesn’t limit her pretty outfits and hair-flowers to just dancing.


“That’s my style. I can’t justify buying new clothes if I am only going to wear them dancing or to functions, so I wear them all the time,” she says.


Creating everything from head bands to flower hair clips and crowns, Sandra says her designs have also become popular with many dance styles including burlesque and belly dancing.


During a recent trip to Europe, where Sandra and her partner took part in several dancing functions, her designs were noticed by other dancers, who she now supplies with her beautiful creations.


“They were snapped up like crazy over there, so I get to send my flowers all over the world now, it’s really quite exciting,” says Sandra.


At the heart of Sandra’s business is putting a smile on people’s faces.


“I try to wear a flower in my hair almost every day. It might be a small gesture, but if it brightens up someone’s day and you can make them smile, then that’s a good enough reason.”

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