Craft maker : Wilma Erickson

Perfecting her craft for almost 40 years, Nature’s Edge Buderim resident Wilma Erickson is an expert when it comes to the delicate art of hand-painted eggs.


Using a mix of genuine eggs, including ostrich, quail and duck, she has created hundreds of stunning pieces of art over the years, with the most intricate detail that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.


“A lot of work goes into them,” says Wilma. “It takes about three weeks from start to finish. You have to wash the egg and clean the skin out very carefully. They then require several coats of paint and gloss, after which they are lined with satin or glitter and finally decorated.”


From ornate carriages drawn by crystal horses, to carousels that light up, Wilma’s hand-painted creations are made with painstaking attention to detail, using quality products.


Some of the decorations are very expensive,” says Wilma. “For example, I use genuine diamantes at $40 per meter and most eggs have a meter and a half of jewels.”


Luckily for visitors to the Nature’s Edge Buderim Art and Craft Expo, Wilma will have a range of her beautiful eggs available to purchase at great prices, with something to suit all tastes.


“I will be selling little goose eggs for between $15 to $20 and big ones from $20 to $35. I have meercats, jewel boxes, Aboriginal designs, even a cute teddy bear with a little bear inside.”


But Wilma’s talent doesn’t stop there. Crochet, sewing and quilting are skills this clever lady has perfected over the years and she will also be selling some beautiful rugs, tea towels and quilts at the expo.


As a mother of five, grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of seven, 80-year-old Wilma says it has given her great pleasure to make clothing for three generations of her family.

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