• Are there any exit fees if I sell my home?

    Absolutely not! There are no exit fees and you keep 100% of the capital gain if you sell. You can sell your home yourself, go through an agent or we can act as an agent for you. Standard REIQ charges apply.

  • Do I have to pay stamp duty when I purchase?

    Absolutely not! We’re so laid back here at Nature’s Edge Buderim that even the fees are relaxed.

  • What are the home made of?

    All residences are free standing, architecturally designed, master built, council and engineer approved. The homes have traditional concrete foundations and slabs, steel frames, rendered Hebel panel exterior and Colourbond steel roofing.

  • Are the homes energy efficient?

    The homes come with some top energy credentials such as solar panels, energy efficient LED downlights, external wall wrap including wall batts with Anticon roof insulation and rendered Hebel panel external cladding, providing superior acoustic and thermal qualities.

  • Can I rent my home out?

    One of the great benefits of living in the Nature’s Edge Buderim community is that all homes are owner occupied by residents over 50 years of age, which means that there are no rental properties.

  • Can I have pets?

    Of course you can! Small dogs are welcome upon approval from management.

  • Can I alter my home after it’s built?

    You can make any internal alterations you like. If you’d like to make external alterations, permission is required from the Community Manager.

  • What do the site fees cover?

    At Nature’s Edge Buderim, our residents don’t have to worry about mowing the grass or maintaining the pool.

    As is standard in the legislation we operate under, a weekly service fee is charged to each household to cover these kinds of costs.

    The fees cover upkeep and maintenance of premium lifestyle facilities, community landscaping, community lighting and security gates.

    No more rates notices! The service fee means less paperwork for you and greater certainty about your basic costs year to year.

    Service fees cover:
    • Council rates
    • Mowing of your front lawn
    • Specialist maintenance and landscaping of community common areas
    • Use of all facilities
    • Upkeep and maintenance of our $5 million Leisure Centre precinct
    • Provision of non-potable, low flow natural water for your garden
    • Secure gated entry, street lighting, CCTVs and intercom to gate
    • Site lease costs for the land your home is on
    • Community Manager
    • 13-seat community bus for outings

    The weekly fee can increase in alignment with the consumer price index formula or a 3% increase per annum, whichever is greatest. We have a market review every three years. Any changes that may affect fees will be clearly communicated to you.

  • What is the bulk energy discount and how will it affect me?

    Residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim have the unique benefit of being able to access bulk electricity prices because of the special infrastructure installed by the property developer. This means your electricity prices will be cheaper than most standard residential rates. In addition, every household benefits from having solar panels which help reduce energy bills.

  • Are the homes secure?

    With a secure gated entry, intercoms and security cameras – we think you’ll feel safe and secure in your home.

  • Is there somewhere to store my caravan, RV, motorhome or boat?

    Yes! Nature's Edge Buderim is RV-friendly. Not only do we have a selection of RV-friendly homes available but we also have on-site storage for motorhomes, RVS, caravans, camper trailers and boats.

  • Are there any other fees and charges?

    Just your normal household expenses such as telephone, electricity, water charges and home and contents insurance.

  • What sort of termite treatment is used?

    The house is treated with Termspec and the steel frames have a 50-year Blue Scope warranty.

  • Can I include my home in my Will?

    Yes, it forms part of your estate. If the beneficiaries are over 50 they can move in. Alternatively they can sell it and receive all the capital gain.

  • What is a site agreement?

    A site agreement is your security of tenure for the use of the land. It gives you the right to keep your home on that site in perpetuity.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No. Not now. Not ever! Our weekly service fees are simple, transparent and affordable. We have no exit fees, no entry fees and no stamp duty. Plus you keep all your capital gain if you sell.

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