Allan and Sheryl recently returned from a 37 day South Pacific Cruise and they look rested, relaxed and just a little bit happy to be home. Here is the story of their trip.


“We spent two days cruising from Brisbane to Sydney Harbour which was already exciting as anyone who has never seen the Sydney Harbour up close knows on your first sighting. Sheryl had never been so she loved it and the visit to the Opera House, 200 year old Botanic Gardens and a beautiful sunset in the harbour.


Greetings from the South PacificThis was followed by two relaxing days at sea before we reached Apia, followed the next day by Western Samoa. It was great to get ashore and just walk, soak up the atmosphere of the islands, their markets and do some people watching!


Then we had the long haul to Honolulu and the experience of crossing the dateline which meant we had 2 x 6th Octobers! Honolulu was a big city with lots of high rise along the beach front similar to the Gold Coast. The top of our To Do list was a swim at Waikiki Beach (pictured) however we didn’t see any great surf.


Greetings from the South PacificAnother restful few days at sea, reading , sun baking followed spa, swimming and more reading. Lahiana (Maui) was our next port. The main street followed the shore line, had gorgeous little stores all along the tree lined footpath. The ‘outlet’ stores were a huge attraction with ‘Tommy Hilfiger’, my favourite! Could you believe Sketches shoes were $40 a pair and 30% off the second pair. Wow!



Three more Hawaiian Island Ports followed – all great for different reasons but not quite the stand outs. Some more relaxing time at sea was spent, sometimes a good movie in the afternoon or a great live show at night.


Next port was Papeete where we took a ‘ships tour’ around the island which was very nice and scenic with good photo opportunities.
The Tahitian Islands were our favourite and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Moorea is very mountainous, but green and tropical. We took a ships tour on the water then lunch and swimming at a tropical island.


Greetings from the South PacificThe next day was the wonderful Bora Bora. The colour of the water has to be seen to be believed – it is such a beautiful aqua blue. We had a wonderful day on a private boat. Allan swam with the sharks and stingrays for about 1½ hours. They took us on a tour of all the beautiful waterways, showed us the resort bungalows built on the water and finally to their own private island for a lovely spread of fresh fruit with a barbeque lunch and nice fresh homemade salads. The worst part of that day was leaving to go back to the ship.


We then had four days at sea to arrive at Auckland, NZ where we had a pleasant stroll around the city, the highlight being the chemist shop where there were plenty of cough lollies – the ship had run out with so many people with bad coughs and colds.


The next day we arrived at Bay of Islands, and used the tenders to get ashore. What a lovely place. We walked to the town, so quaint, right on the beach, with heaps of character. We just had to have fish and chips in NZ and they were absolutely beautiful.


We have two more days at sea which is quite cool so no sun-baking and back to Sydney. We had an easy disembarkment at Whites Bay and a pre booked bus to the airport. We arrived to the friendly faces of Peter and Sharon who were there to pick us up at the Maroochy Airport.


It was a great trip…..and its nice to be home!”

Allan and Sheryl


Greetings from the South Pacific   Greetings from the South Pacific   Greetings from the South Pacific   Greetings from the South Pacific

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