Natures Edge resident profile – Noel Moore

Sky diving, shark cage diving and racehorses are a few of Natures Edge resident Noel Moore’s loves along with living at Natures Edge Buderim.


Natures Edge Buderim Sunshine Coast - Noel Moore Shark Diving


“I never looked anywhere else, Natures Edge just satisfied all my requirements. There was nothing I could fault about it and having been here for six months now, I still feel the same.” Noel said.


Previously a catering manager for Qantas in Melbourne, Noel had been visiting his nephew in Kiel Mountain for years and loved the climate and lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast.


On one trip he dropped into the over 50’s lifestyle village, had the grand tour and said he: “got the WOW factor. I loved the homes and the forest and saw four or five display homes and I could have lived in any one of them.”


Before he flew out that night for Tullamarine he rang three real estate agents to put his home on the market in Melbourne. It settled the same day as his home in Natures Edge Buderim and he moved in on December 9, 2016.


One of Noels passions is horse racing and the horse he and a group of his friends own won the Port Adelaide Cup in May this year.


The horse was named ‘Time to Test’ as homage to Mr Ted Whitten, legendary Australian AFL player and icon who died from prostate cancer in August 1995 aged 62. The EJ Whitten foundation was established in honour of Mr Whitten and was created to deliver the message to men over 50 to check for prostate cancer.


Noel said he has such great neighbours within the over 50’s community and loved the fact there is little or no maintenance on his home which allows him free time to enjoy his surroundings.


“When the leisure centre is finished it will be even better. I’m looking forward to the social side of it. I have started playing bowls with some of the other home owners and I’m looking forward to having our own bowling green, pool and a gathering place.”


Noel lives on his own and enjoys the ‘Living alone and Loving it’ group established within Natures Edge and said it was good fun. It’s a social occasion and an outing and “I’m all for that.”


Noel loves surprising his friends from the south by showing them around the over 50’s community and watching their surprise. “They initially think it’s a traditional retirement village when they hear where I live, until they drive in and get the WOW factor.” he said.


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