New Sales Office

In June our new Sales office was dropped into place at the entrance to Natures Edge Buderim.

Our Sales staff are ecstatic as they have been operating from a very small ‘demountable’ for 18 months.

The huge growth of the development has necessitated a much more affluent and salubrious office to greet our visitors and allow our sales staff to spread their wings a little.

The landscapers then created a nest for the office to perch on which is, as always, of a very high standard as is the landscaping and stone mason work throughout the village.

Natures Edge New Sales Office



The signs created by our interior designer were hoisted into place on the outside walls and inside the building to blend with the leather interiors.




Natures Edge New Sales Office



The old sales office has now moved over to the site for the new $2.5 million Leisure Centre where foreman of the project Greg Henry of Henry Constructions will base himself and his crew while the centre is being constructed.




It is indeed exciting times for Natures Edge Buderim and its residents.

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