Quilting club making a real difference.

Although the social calendar at Nature’s Edge Buderim became very quiet during the COVID-19 lockdown, for the resident quilting club members, it was the perfect opportunity to make a real difference.


Over the last seven months, 33 quilts in varying shapes, sizes and design, along with over 60 fabric face masks, have been hand stitched by this crafty team of ten and the quilts are now ready to make their way to Wishlist, the Sunshine Coast’s health services charity. The quilts will then make their way to the children’s ward of the local hospitals and some nursing homes.


Nature's Edge Buderim Quilting Club

Quilting club member Margaret Appleton explains “The quilts we make for the children’s ward are around 1.5m x 1m, and we’ve also got two smaller quilts that will go to the neonatal ward for the premature baby cribs.”


The face masks are made for the residents in the community and their extended family who live interstate. The masks are sold for just $3 to cover the cost of the materials and are becoming so popular among residents that there is a back order of around 20 masks.


The fabric the club uses to make the quilts and masks is donated while the rest of the supplies are purchased using the proceeds from their locally run fundraisers. The quilting club regularly hold morning tea events for their fellow residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim, to showcase and sell their hand-made wares. The group also put aside some very special quilts for their annual Christmas raffles.


Residents don’t need to have quilting or sewing experience to participate, says Margaret “Some of the ladies who join the club have never quilted before. We usually start them off with something easy and help them along the way.”


While learning or practicing crafts is a wonderful way to keep the mind sharp, it’s also an excellent way for residents to connect. Club members get together for a couple of hours every Friday at 9am and there’s a real sense of togetherness. “All the ladies do different things. Some do the edging, some make the patchwork for the body of the quilt and others do the binding. It really is a team effort,” said Margaret.


Margaret Appleton is not just known for her quilting skills, she is also a whiz in the kitchen! To the delight of the quilting club ladies, Margaret regularly takes a fresh batch of her delicious ginger beer scones for the group to enjoy for morning tea. She has been kind enough to share her ginger beer scone recipe with us.


Margaret Appleton’s ginger beer scone recipe:



4 cups self-raising flour

1 cup ginger beer

1 cup cream

½ cup chopped naked ginger

½ cup chopped dates



Step 1. Preheat oven to between 200°C – 210°C.

Step 2. Sift self-raising flour into a large bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix through.

Step 3. Turn the mixture out onto a board and knead gently, but no more than 8 times (less handling = fluffier scones).

Step 4. Roll the dough until it’s around 1-inch thick.

Step 5. Press the scone cutter into the dough to cut out each portion (avoid twisting the cutter as it may affect how well they rise).

Step 6. On a lined baking try, place each portion next to each other so they are lightly touching one another.

Step 7. Bake for 15 mins or until golden brown.

Step 8. Enjoy with freshy whipped cream and jam of your choosing.


The quilting club is just one of the many organised social groups on offer at Nature’s Edge Buderim. Boasting a lively social calendar, there’s a camaraderie among the residents, which is testament to the friendly, inclusive environment the over 50’s lifestyle village is known for.

Quilting Club at Nature's Edge Buderim

Quilting Club members Helen Hawkins and Margaret Appleton.

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