Rewind the clock and enjoy the benefits!

Residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim are discovering the anti-ageing benefits of an active lifestyle paired with Bowen Therapy.


As part of a range of health and wellness activities on offer at Nature’s Edge Buderim, Bowen Therapy is a new service now available. Resident Fay Winter, a former nurse and Bowen Therapist of 16 years, runs her practice out of the Leisure Centre and it’s proving to be quite a hit with the community.


“Bowen Therapy is a remedial treatment of the nervous system, a bit like acupuncture without needles. It turns off the flight and fight then switches on the calm and heal,” says Fay. “Often we over 50’s try to do what we did when we were 30 or 40 and our muscles don’t like it. Concentrating on the muscle structure and ligaments, Bowen Therapy tries to throw you back to your original blue print. It’s very healing, normalises blood pressure and studies show that it can even help on a cellular level!”


Staying fit and healthy is easy!


You can also take part in regular yoga classes, join water aerobics, have a hit of tennis, work out in the gym or swim a few laps in the heated indoor swimming pool. Not to mention the beautiful rainforest walking track. It’s never been easier to say fit and healthy.


Nature's Edge Buderim Resident Fay Winter

Resident, Fay Winter performs Bowen Therapy at Nature’s Edge Buderim.

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