The art of healthy ageing.

It’s no secret that getting involved in arts and craft activities is fun at any age, but did you know that being creative also has some major health benefits for the over 50’s?


In fact, recent research has shown that getting arty exercises the brain, keeps us sharp and can reduce our chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by up to 50 per cent!


Just ask any of the talented residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim. The friendly over 50’s lifestyle village has a thriving creative community, with plenty of opportunities to join one of the many arts and crafts groups who meet regularly to hone their skills and form new friendships.


From quilting and woodworking to fine art, dressmaking and millinery, there is something to suit everyone, regardless of their experience.


Earlier this year, the clever artisans showcased their work at the inaugural Nature’s Edge Arts and Crafts Expo, which was a resounding success.


Held in the multi-million-dollar leisure centre, visitors enjoyed a leisurely afternoon strolling through more than 25 stalls of unique, hand-made items created by the talented residents.


The Arts and Crafts Expo is just one of the many organised community events at Nature’s Edge Buderim. Boasting a lively social calendar, there’s a camaraderie among the residents, which is testament to the friendly, inclusive environment the over 50’s lifestyle village is known for.


Nature’s Edge Buderim Arts and Crafts Expo 2019.

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