Nesting boxes enticing the local wildlife

The local wildlife is thriving at Nature’s Edge Buderim thanks to the hand-crafted nesting boxes lovingly built by some of the handy residents.


A number of nesting boxes were recently installed high in the trees at Nature’s Edge Buderim to entice additional native wildlife by providing them with new homes to nest in and raise their young.


Built by the community’s nature-loving members of the woodworking team, the nesting boxes are not only a great way to encourage nature to thrive, they also positively impact on the health and well-being of the residents, creating a peaceful rainforest sanctuary for them to enjoy all year round.


“It’s really great to see the nesting boxes being put to good use and supplementing areas where the birds and animals can nest,” says John Hawkins, a member of the woodworking team.


“I’m sure the local sugar gliders, possums and rainbow lorikeets appreciate the well-designed, ready-made nesting hollows.”


Residents delight in the tranquil sounds of the surrounding birdlife while enjoying Friday night Happy Hour drinks on the leisure centre deck, when our feathered friends are often quite keen to join the party by turning up the volume!


Cheers to that!

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