Yoga has the edge on healthy ageing!

Residents of Nature’s Edge Buderim are enjoying a happier mind, body and soul thanks to the proven health benefits of yoga.


As part of a wide range of lifestyle activities on the busy social calendar at Nature’s Edge Buderim, yoga classes are run weekly by a qualified instructor and tailored specifically to meet the needs of the over 50’s. Held in the state-of-the-art leisure centre, with a serene rainforest backdrop, participants are lulled into a sense of deep relaxation through gentle stretching and breathing exercises proven to improve mobility and mental health.


Yoga instructor Danielle Angus says not only does yoga offer relief from neck and back pain as we age, it also calms the mind and improves our sleeping patterns.


“Once people are over the age of 50, they start to see the effects of years of sitting in an office or doing manual work. The yoga postures give them relief from aches and pains, releases the mental clutter and helps them to sleep more restfully and for longer.”


A healthy lifestyle choice


Like many residents, regular yogis Denise and Melanie were drawn to the active lifestyle at Nature’s Edge Buderim. Both ladies take full advantage of the yoga classes and say they have never felt better.


“I have always found yoga or pilates used to scare me a little, but the classes are less extreme and more for our bodies to release whatever is going on,” says Denise. “I find I sleep much better at night and most people who have come along have seen huge benefits from it.”


“It’s a dedicated hour to just concentrate on yourself and your health and wellbeing,” adds Melanie. “I particularly enjoy the yoga because the stretches are so good for mobility and I like the social aspect too.”


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